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Jessica’s services, courses, and workshops:

October 13th, 2014– 6:00pm-8:00pm at the Casa Azafran Community Center on Nolensville Rd.

Gluten-Free Cooking Around the World

– Peruvian Quinoa Vegetable Soup
– Horiatiki Salad (Greece)
– Chickpea Flat Bread (India)

Mesa Komal Kitchen & Casa Azafran – 2195 Nolensville Pike, Nashville,TN



November 11th, 2014– at the Casa Azafran Community Center on Nolensville Rd.

French Perfection
– Gluten-Free Crepes
– Savory Fillings
– Fruit Compotes
-Whipped Cream (vegan & dairy)

Mesa Komal Kitchen & Casa Azafran – 2195 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN  http://kitchen.conexionamericas.org/events/


Gluten-Free Cooking Classes/In-Home Vegetarian Cooking:

There are many people out there today that suffer from Celiac Disease and gluten allergies. After they find out that they are affected by gluten, people have to find a new way of eating and a new way of cooking that supports their changing lifestyle.

I developed a fairly profound gluten allergy out of nowhere five years ago, and I have been figuring it out ever since. While there are a lot of gluten-free products on the market, many of them are highly processed foods and offer little in the way of nutrition.

My focus is on simple and delicious vegetarian and gluten-free foods (vegan upon request). I am wild about whole foods and I love to create simple dishes that offer amazing flavor and superior nutrition. I believe that food is our best medicine and that when we cook with high-quality ingredients, and with love, health is the inevitable outcome.

 Services I Offer:

  •  In-home vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan cooking services to individuals and families.
    • $25/hr ($15/hr shopping) + food cost
  •  Private gluten-free cooking classes in your home. Are you gluten-free, your children, your spouse, or your friends? Have a gluten-free cooking party. Provide the opportunity for you, your kids, and your friends to learn some great tips about cooking with gluten-free grains, flours, starches, and other ideas that will please almost any pallet.
    • $35/hr ($20/hr shopping) + food cost. Limit of 10 people. Classes 2-4 hours.

How to Use My Services:

So, maybe you can’t afford an amazing cook in the house every week to create beautiful food for you and the family. However, life gets pretty busy sometimes and wouldn’t it be great to have some help from time to time?

  1. I can come to your home, cook for several hours (I can accomplish a lot in 4-5 hours), and leave a clean kitchen and a semi-full fridge. You can provide the ingredients or I can shop for you.
  2. We can meet, decide on a menu, you will bring dishes and storage containers for the finished food to go in, and I would deliver to your house. You provide ingredients or I can shop for you.


  • School is starting, the kids are going in five different directions, but you still would like everyone to eat well. Hire me to come in while you are getting into the new routine of the school year. I could come once a week or every other week to create several meals. We could do cooking classes with the family on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and create meals for the week.
  • You are busy professional with little time to cook or take care of yourself. Let me come and create several amazing meals that you could eat for dinner, take for lunch, share with a friend, etc.
  • You are expecting a baby. The demands of the new baby and acclimating to a new way of life are creating a situation where cooking is not a priority. Let me come to your home and make you nourishing food to help your body heal and provide a great nutritional foundation for the new precious life you just brought home.
  • You want to lose weight and you are sick of the dieting cycle. My creations are simple, nourishing, delicious, and while you are enjoying eating them, the weight will melt away. (All of the weight I have lost over the years has been directly related to my diet without even trying).
  • You were diagnosed with Celiac, you are lactose intolerant, you are a vegetarian or vegan, but you are not healthy…let me come and show you how to create delicious food that will nourish your body and restore your health.
  • You want to experiment with a vegetarian diet or a gluten-free diet but don’t have a clue where to start, call me.
  • New to a vegetarian or gluten-free diet, let’s get together and do some menu planning. I can help you navigate the best way to implement these diets so that you will be satisfied and feel nourished while changing your lifestyle.


Gluten-Free and Vegetarian Cooking Classes:



Permaculture Principles for the Garden and Beyond 

Dates and locations to be announced. Watch This Space.


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Jessica’s cooking has been transformative for our family. Her cooking is delicious—and so healthy, fresh, and fun.  Night-after-night Jessica puts together inventive, colorful, and balanced meals. She blends cooking styles beautifully; one night we have a divine butternut soup with a kale salad, and the next night savory Indian dishes.  She is gradually broadening the tastes of every member of our family from our young son to our high-school aged daughters, all towards healthier but also truly flavorful delights.  She has also helped us with great snack food for those times we need a bit of tide-over, including tasty dips that the kids gobble up with mountains of cut veggies, as well as sparkling fruit salads.  We feel very fortunate to have Jessica’s nourishing cuisine in our home. – Kevin Stack, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University.